How to Wear a Scarf

Silk scarves are very beautiful and elegant accessories. They not only help you dress up your outfit but they can also help you create uniqueness of your own style.

Silk scarves can bring a sophisticated touch to both everyday and dressy outfits. The very way you are going to wear them around your neck or shoulders can define a level on the scale from just casual to a real piece of jewelry.

That is what makes the variety of ways you can wear or tie your scarf so valuable.

You can flip one end over your shoulder, or go for a knot, or use a scarf ring. The variety is practically endless. It all depends on your imagination, your mood and the statement you would like to make wearing exactly this silk scarf in exactly this way.

There are tons of popular ways you can wear a silk scarf and you probably know quite a few yourselves.

But there are also some not-so-popular ways that you can see in this current section – they can help you accessorize in a very original way. If you love playing around with fashion items – then, definitely this is a section you are going to like. Enjoy it!

Butterfly effect -
with the help of a scarf accessory

Neck wrap -
with the help of a scarf accessory

Ascot Knot

Double Casual -
with the help of the scarf accessory