How to accessorize your scarf: Scarf Rings & Scarf Bracelets

As a big scarf fan myself, I have experimented with various interesting ways of wearing my scarves through the years.

I love scarf accessories - like a brooch, for instance. It fixes the scarf in one position that you would want it to stay in and works fine. But I have also found other, more exciting ways to wear my scarf – like using the scarf accessories I have called "scarf bracelets".

If you do not have a scarf accessory at hand, you can always try to use some jewelry piece of yours to accessorize your silk scarves with - but you should always have in mind it should not have any sharp ends as they might damage the silk irreparably.

Most scarf rings we can come across on the market, though, are heavier than needed. Which means that they have been designed to accessorize a scarf made of fabric much heavier than the light texture of the silk. Moreover, these rings are somewhat restricted in terms of their looks - they look either like bigger-sized finger rings or like a somewhat more elegant buckles. Both shapes do not offer much variety or elegance to the way you can tie your silk scarf with their help...

Any heavier accessory that you might decide to use on a silk scarf can very easily overwhelmed the scarf, which is not the goal. The goal is to make the scarf stand out. The goal is to make the scarf look one of a kind piece and just to help it show its regal looks.

You can play around with beautiful elastic bead bracelets - it is a wonderful way for you to invent various new ways of wearing your silk scarves. You will practically rediscover the beauty of your silk scarves this way. You will also find yourself complimented a lot for the new original ways of wearing/tying any silk scarf, making it an elegant fashion statement and transforming a piece of silk fabric into a piece of jewelry.

Scarf ring holds together
the two ends of the silk scarf...

... but it can also be used for more
elaborate butterfly knots

This is the end result

You can also play around with
the richness of this butterfly knot

Another butterfly knot made
with scarf accessory - Step 1

The end result - Step 2

More butterfly knots -
using a scarf bracelet

You can use chic wooden scarf rings
to accessorize with style

More butterfly knots -
using a scarf bracelet