About Silk Scarves Colorado

My name is Tanya Athannassova, and I am a mother of two, living in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, CO. It all started with my big love for scarves. They have always defined my personal style, and have always been my favorite "mood maker". I believe they can be yours too.

Bringing the Silk Scarf to a New Level as an Accessory:

I have been a passionate scarf lover all my life. For me, the scarf has always been the “ultimate accessory” - the most elegant and chic instant upgrade of a girl’s outfit anyone can dream of.

I have created a huge personal collection of scarves through the years, containing scarves of various materials - cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk, etc.  I have purchased scarves from various places around the world that I visited. I always wanted to take a piece of elegance from each place to remember it with.

I loved giving silk scarves as gifts but lots of my friends kept telling me that they found silk very elegant but having a certain “old-fashioned, too classic, too pretentious” feel that did not make it suitable as an everyday accessory.

So, I felt tempted to change that perception. I decided to embrace that challenge and create my very own type of handmade silk scarves – chic, fresh and young. I started hand painting silk scarves with the desire to create one-of-a-kind silk accessories that I had never been able to purchase anywhere by then. Colorful, artistic, decorated with metallic accents, knitted ornaments, beads. Giving life to my vision and ideas was a huge inspiration for me.
My main goal has always been to take the silk scarf to a new level, making it almost a piece of jewelry that any girl can wear in her everyday life.

I started my company, Silk Scarves Colorado, in the spring of 2010, and opened my shop a few months later, in June 2010. I have never been happier in my professional life – the scarves I am creating are the true reflection of my artistic vision and my colorful personality. I am happy when my customers are happy with the unique pieces of wearable art they are telling me they found in my online shop.

Take a look at the fine selection of beautiful hand painted silk scarves in my shop, make your choice and go for the one that best fits your style.

Enjoy your visit!