Frequently asked questions about the hand painted silk scarves:

The hand-painted silk scarves can be hand washed in cooler water with a mild soap. Be careful not to rub or twist the scarf too hard, as well as not to let it soak for hours in the water.

Hang it on a towel rack to dry. Press the silk scarf always on the reverse side, using a warm setting/or the silk setting of your iron. Avoid using hot iron onto the silk - you may burn the fabric. Do not bleach and do not dry clean.

The silk dyes used for the painting of each scarf have been steamed-set for permanence, and you can hand-wash the scarf as often as you might need. Hand painted silk scarves can also be dry cleaned - but I would not recommend it. Please have in mind that sometimes dry cleaners might use active agents that may  cause some damage  to the smoothness or the lush feeling of the silk fabric. So, for regular care it is much better to hand wash your silk scarves; go to cleaners only in case of an accidental stain that you do not know how to treat.

No, they will not fade. The scarf is colorfast. The silk dyes used for painting each of my silk scarves have been steam-set for permanence.

Please, have in mind, though, that sun light can damage the intensity of colors of your handpainted silk scarf. So, make sure you never leave your scarves next to the window or anywhere in direct sun light for too long. Keep them in your closet, and you will be able to enjoy them for many years.

If you follow the washing and ironing instructions on the tag attached to your hand pained silk scarf, and treat your scarf with love and care, you will have the pleasure to wear it practically forever.

You can stain your silk scarf using any kind of spray products -  so you should avoid using perfumes, or hair sprays, or deodorant sprays when wearing a silk scarf. Use sprays and blot the excessive amount prior to draping the scarf around your neck.

Silk is an extremely delicate and luxurious fabric, so you need to treat it with care.

Silk is no friend of stains. If you happen to stain your scarf when dining out, try washing the stain by hand immediately, without any delay. Always wash by hand, in cold water, and use just a little quantity of mild hand soap you can find in each restaurant's restroom. (Don't use scrubbing hand soap!)

If that does not work, you better not try applying stain removers as they might discolor the place around the stain – just take your silk scarf to the cleaners.

Please have in mind that even dilute solutions of chlorine bleach may cause permanent yellowing, color loss, or weakening of the silk fabric. If you feel like trying a stain removal product anyway – please have in mind that all these products should be first tested on a less conspicuous spot of the scarf, depending on how you wear it (for instance, if you love wearing your scarf with the ends hanging down loosely, then the middle part of the scarf that goes around the back of neck might be a good place to try a drop of a stain remover).

Please remember that professional cleaning is the recommended option in case of any stains on silk garments.

  • Can a silk scarf make a really good gift?

Silk scarves always make a very sophisticated gift for people of all ages. Unisex scarves and men scarves make a great gift for male relatives of friends. The hand painted silk scarves are true pieces of wearable art - it makes your gift much more special and precious than any scarves you can buy at malls or large department stores.

Even little girls love wearing colorful scarves. The wonderful smooth feel of a silk scarf can make anyone feel elegant in an instant.

Any occasion is ideal for such a gift –from birthdays and anniversaries, to Mother's Day, Father's Day, proms, weddings, graduation events, various secular or religious holidays – any moment can be brightened up by a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf as a gift for a special person of any age in your life.

If you place an order around busier holidays – Mother’s Day, Christmas holidays, etc. – please allow longer (probably a week) before the scarf can be shipped to the recipient.

  • What kinds of 100% silk fabrics are Silk Scarves Colorado handpainted scarves made of?

I love painting on various silk fabrics, and they are all 100% pure silk:

I love the Habotai Silk (also known as the Smooth China Silk) - It is a very light pure silk fabric, having a subtle sheen. Habotai is the classic silk fabric for painting onto  - it truly allows the design to stand out, having great draping, with a wonderful look and feel.

Satin and Chiffon are also very popular: Silk Satin feels a bit heavier as fabric, but bears the colors gracefully and makes a unique accessory for a more formal outfit.

Chiffon Silk
is one of my all-time favorites - it is a feather-light silk fabric, and quite transparent, with a wonderful feel. Chiffon scarves are very chic and elegant.

I love painting on the Crepe de Chine Silk as well - it a thicker crepe silk fabric with a slightly crinkled texture, having a gentle, graceful drape, and a very soft hand. It is lustrous and beautiful to wear, and makes great silk wraps for cooler nights.

I just adore another type of silk fabric, kind of a cross in weave between the Crepe de Chine and the Silk Satin fabrics - it is called Flat Crepe Silk. It feels like a very, very thin Satin, lighter and shinier than the Crepe de Chine, and makes amazing scarves. Although very thin and light, it stays lustrous and lush. It makes very elegant silk shawls.

Silk Charmeuse is a another luxurious type of silk fabric, rich and lush, that makes very elegant scarves. That silk fabric works great for every season and every style - from sporty and casual outfits to more elegant ones.

You should definitely check the silk-wool shawls in my online shop. They feature a uniquely superb fabric - the Silk-Wool Blend (a mix of 63% silk and 37% wool). The silk-wool shawls are soft and warm. They offer warmth and make great wraps for cooler nights, but do not feel scratchy or rough at all. With their very subtle shine and soft beauty, the hand painted silk-wool shawls make a great fashion statement to any outfit on a cooler day or night.

Any design scarf in the Silk Scarves Colorado shop can be recreated in a different size, a different color palette, or on a different silk fabric.  In case you have any specific preferences for a given silk fabric - please send me a note, and we can discuss and arrange all details prior to your order.

  • If I order a hand painted silk scarf that is a Made to Order scarf, how long will it take before shipping, and will it look exactly like the design in the photos?

The hand painted silk scarf you order will be ready to ship within 1-5 business days. Immediately after you place your order, I will get back to you with details when exactly your scarf will be shipped. The average period is two days.

Each of the silk scarves in my shop is being hand-painted from scratch.  My hand painted silk scarves are not printed or silk-screened - so please know that the hand can never create two exact copies.  I consider this good news in fact, as the touch of the hand is what makes each handpainted scarf a one-of-a-kind creation.

Even when an artist is drawing the same pattern, each scarf turns out to be somewhat unique as an end result. That makes each hand painted scarf a true piece of wearable art.

  • If I like a certain design of a silk scarf but I would like to have it in different colors – can I have that  done for me? Can I have a Custom order scarf created for me?

Of course, you can. We can discuss in emails all issues and questions you might have regarding a Custom order scarf of your choice.

You can send all your questions and ideas to sales@silkscarvescolorado.com  - and I will get back to you asap.

  • What do I do in case I do not like my silk scarf? Can I return it for a refund?
It is my dream and intention that all my customers are pleased, satisfied and happy with my work or my customer support. I will gladly issue a refund if, for any reason, the customer is not happy with the scarf received.

-  Please contact me within: 14 days of delivery
-  Ship items back to me within: 30 days of delivery
-  The scarf should not be worn, and should not be stained/damaged in any way.

            Please ship the scarf back to the following address:

              Silk Scarves Colorado
              P.O.Box 75415
              Colorado Springs, CO 80970

-  The refund will be issued within 10 business days after I receive the item back.

-  I do not offer refunds on any custom-made or personalized scarves

Customer pays the shipping costs for the returned item. Please ship back the returned scarf using a shipping method that allows you tracking or insurance. Customer pays the shipping costs for the returned item.

Silk Scarves Colorado will not be responsible for any parcels shipped by another party - so please keep all the tracking details for the returned scarf until you receive your refund.


In the case when a scarf is purchased as A GIFT FOR A THIRD PARTY – please note that almost all buyers require that no information about the transaction should be revealed to the recipients. So, I will not reveal the price of the scarf to the recipient, I will not cash back the price of the scarf to the recipient, and will not exchange the gift scarf for another scarf of recipient’s choice.