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Silk Satin

This category features hand painted silk scarves on a luxurious silk fabric - Silk Satin. It is a 100% silk fabric that has a more substantial weight, featuring a great drape and flow. Silk Satin feels lush and silky with a beautiful shine. It bears all colors gracefully and makes unique silk shawls for more formal outfits.
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Orange, Red, Purple Hand Painted Silk Satin Shawl BURNING SKIES-2 by Silk Scarves Colorado. Extra-Large 35x35. Elegant Silk Gift
This is a very luxurious, 100% Silk Satin scarf. The design is featuring multicolored brushstrokes in shades of orange, red, and purple; decorated with metallic accents in purple, bronze, and gold. SIZE: This is an EXTRA LARGE Size Square scarf - 35" x 35" square (89 cm x 89 cm). This is original size - slight shrinkage occurs due to the steam-setting process.