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Crepe Silks

This category features hand painted silk scarves on two beautiful crepe silk fabrics - Crepe de Chine Silk and Flat Crepe Silk.

Crepe de Chine Silk is a thicker crepe silk fabric with a slightly crinkled texture, having a gentle, graceful drape, and a very soft hand. It is lustrous and beautiful to wear, and makes great silk wraps. Flat Crepe Silk is a thin and light type of silk fabric that stays lustrous and lush. It feels like a very thin version of the Satin Silk, with a luxurious shine, and makes very elegant silk shawls.
Products in Category
Hand Painted Silk Scarf. Blue, Turquoise, Navy Handmade Silk Scarf ICY LAKE. Silk Scarves Colorado. Medium Size 25x25 square.
This is a 100% Crepe de Chine silk scarf - soft and lush pure silk fabric. The scarf is featuring brushstrokes in shades of blue, denim blue, turquoise, sapphire and navy blue. With a border in navy blue. Decorated with thin accents in silver. It is a chic silk scarf that would make a great accessory to any outfit. SIZE This is a Medium Size Square scarf (Large Bandanna size): 25" x 25" square (64 cm x 64 cm). This is original size - slight shrinkage occurs due to the steam-setting process.